Sunday Salon for 3 December 2023 — 13 Comments

  1. YOu mentioned Remarkable Creatures in an earlier post and I noted that I have read and very much liked this book and several others by Tracy Chevalier. Her historical novels aren’t built around what modern readers like to pretend happened in the past (and all too many highly popular historic fictions are in fact built like that).
    best, mae at

  2. Remarkable Creatures is on my list to read. I have enjoyed the other books I have read by Tracy Chevalier so expect I would like that one too.

    I used Notion for some blog related posts – mainly Weekend Cooking ideas – and also as for lists relating to movies I want to watch and things like that. I should use it more!

  3. I liked Nicola Walker in Unforgotten but couldn’t warm to Annika. Maybe I just watched it at the wrong time for me as I do like the actress.

    Best of luck on the tooth extraction. When I had mine mashed potatoes and smoothies were great.

  4. Yes, cozy – the perfect reframing of gray and gloomy. Sounds like our weather today, but I’ll be adding some Christmas decorations to improve things here, too. I’m be reading Fever in the Heartland sometime next year and will be interested in reading your posts. Good luck with the tooth extraction!

  5. I hope the tooth extraction goes well!

    Good luck with the novel writing too.

    It rained almost all day here and I think it is supposed to be gloomy tomorrow too. Luckily my neighbor’s Christmas lights makes everything more cheerful.

    Have a good week!

  6. I do hope your tooth extraction and your recovery will all go smoothly and that you will be able to lead the discussion on Thursday. I’m anxious to hear more about this book.

    I’ve become a fan of Nicole Walker, too, so I now hope to look for both River and Collateral somewhere (maybe PBS?) out there.

  7. Is your tooth out yet? Do you need another soup recommendation? I just saw one that was lentil soup (all veggies and lentils blended smooth) topped with a chili mint butter. I do not have a recipe but any lentil soup recipe would do. It’s the chili mint butter that intrigues me. lol

    Anyway! Hope all goes (or went) well with that!!!

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