Sunday Salon for 26 November 2023 — 8 Comments

  1. Someone in my family told me our grandfather was a member of the KKK. Not sure if that was in Indiana or Kentucky (he lived in both states) but ugh…I didn’t need to know THAT about him.

    Streaming services…sometimes I nearly have a panic attack thinking about all the ones I subscribe to but haven’t watched in a long time and maybe I only subscribe to that particular one because there is ONE particular series that I HAVE to see and I’m waiting for new episodes. I wonder if I should unsubscribe while I’m waiting for the new episodes?

    And then I hear about another series that sounds interesting and do a search and find out it’s on a service that I do NOT have a subscription to. Ughhhhhh. What to do? What to do?????

  2. My d-i-l loves the Hallmark Channel; honestly I have never watched it, but the commercials for it have dissuaded me from taking a look at it. I hope you will share more. I trust your judgment.

    My grandfather’s best friend wrote and published the story of his life, and my dad passed on a copy to me. I read this book about a man born in the 1890s who grew up in rural Louisiana and became a lawyer. I was shocked to run across a chapter where this man proudly describes his activities in the KKK. I do hope my grandfather was too busy on the farm to have participated.

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