Sunday Salon for 12 February 2023 — 6 Comments

  1. I’m glad you have another car so you all aren’t stuck while your tire is looked at. It’s been cold in rainy in north Florida these past two days so limited walking. I miss walking when we are stuck inside.

    Good luck wit the novel plotting!

  2. It is supposed to be warming up this week. Our walking has been limited for cold, wind, and rain in January and the first part of February, so I’m hoping things will improve this week.

    At first, I stubbornly refused to let the new All Creatures series into my heart; I tried to stay loyal to the old actors and scripts. But, gradually, I’ve found myself warming to the new show, and now I’d say (gulp) I almost prefer it.

    I hope the new codebreaking book turns out to be very helpful with your writing.

  3. The weather is nicer here in Seattle this weekend too. mid 40s and mostly sunny. our view of Mt Rainier is back! Sounds like your writing is progressing. Do you enjoy the research aspect when you’re writing or do you wish you could just sit down and make up everything?
    Hubby and I are rewatching West Wing – almost done with season 1 of the 7. Loving it all over again.
    Have a terrific week and thanks for the visit.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  4. I’m sorry about the car problem. I had a similar issue with the tire light going on. It turned out I needed new sensors. At least I didn’t need new tires. I hope you’ll have your car back tomorrow. Good luck with the eye doctor appointment. Have a great week!

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