A is for Arlington Hall #AtoZChallenge — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve always been interested in history of most categories. My father was in World War II over in the Pacific theater. I learned more about this particular history after he started trying to find old comrades. I’d had to look of officers and a few of the names he could recall as well as his unit. What a trip through the Past. I read with different eyes after learning more about my father’s participation.

  2. G’day Joy,
    I didn’t realise the US had similar groups of decoders like those at Bletchley Park. I doubt we had anyone doing that job here in Australia. It is great to read about how women in particular played a role in war.

  3. I wonder what kind of security vetting system was in place at that time. Security clearances are a pretty big deal (and long have been) for government employees and contractors; no doubt the code workers were subjected to some level of scrutiny — it makes me curious how that worked.

  4. Hello, Joy, I’m finally out and about on the 2022 A to Z Road Trip to visit blogs. 2022 was my first A2Z challenge, and I didn’t get around to all the blogs during April. WWII code breakers is fascinating and intriguing, particularly the female involvement. I’m off to read your B through Z now. Thanks for these history lessons.

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