Sunday Salon for 15 January 2023 — 6 Comments

  1. I have not tried the Vera series for TV yet but I am caught up on all her books. Next from that author is catching up with Shetland boks. Love Ann Cleeves.

    thanks for the heads up about the movie Mauritanian. I like Foster and Cumberbatch.

  2. Our winter weather, as is normal here, is ideal: low 70s or upper 60s in the day, sunny, and a bit cooler at night. I think most of the people who move to my part of Texas must do so in the winter.

    Your books seem to be working well for you. The Eleanor Roosevelt book sounds very compelling to me. And Disability Visibility sounds like a book more of us should read.

  3. Our weather is crazy! It was 31 when I left for work this morning. There was a sheet of ice over all my car windows and I had to wait for the defrost and wipers to get them clear enough to drive.

    I’m mainly watching the BYU channel. They have some really good reality family shows that I’m hooked on.

    Do you think you’ll ever start doing Readers Workout again? I really miss it!

    • We could try Readers’ Workouts again. What would you want it to look like? Monthly? Weekly? If weekly, what day? It used to be on Tuesdays, but I always found that a little awkward for planning around a week of exercise.

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