Sunday Salon for 8 January 2023 — 5 Comments

  1. Our book group will be reading Brené Brown in April. We can choose any of her books, but I plan to read the one you are reading. I’m glad to hear that the physical book is beautiful.

    Eleanor Roosevelt is a person who fascinates me. How did she move from a very shy child with parents who were not supportive to become a powerful person who highly influenced the world in a positive way? I’ve read several children’s books about her, and I admire your commitment to her story.

  2. I was completely addicted to watching the speaker vote but through CNN website. You have some great books and I sometimes think I would like to go to an in person book discussion.

  3. I tried the Eleanor Roosevelt trilogy last year and gave up. I, too, wanted to learn about life during the war, maybe I’ll read the third one instead.
    We also watched The Swimmers. I added Jessica James to my list as John wouldn’t like it. I can’t find Ali’s Wedding.

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