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  1. The original Broadway production film of Hamilton is going to be released on Disney+ in July. I’m going to have to subscribe for a month to watch it.

  2. Excellent review, Joy. I am completely with you about the reading slump and needing familiar authors to rely on lately, although I did just try this latest Joanna Trollope.
    Speaking of familiar authors I have just finished The Shell Seekers by Rosammunde Pilcher as it’s one of my favorites. It takes you from present day ( in this case 1980s) back to WW II.

    I’ll bring it to next weeks edition of BriFri. I needed a comfort read.

  3. Your mention of The Fox theater really triggers a lot of memories for me. I grew up in St.Louis and was (very rarely) taken there as a child when a new Disney movie was released. It was like going to a palace. I think there was a fish pond in the incredibly ornate lobby. Of course I thought it was immense and might be disappointed if I went there now.

    be well… mae at

  4. I too have been in the mood for Blitz/WWII novels, and I just finished Elizabeth Goudge’s “The Castle on the Hill,” which was published in 1942 and is set during the Battle of Britain, though mostly in the countryside. I agree with you — there are parallels, what with the fear, tension, and often, utter boredom as we sit at home.

    I’ve actually never read a Maisie Dobbs mystery…but maybe this is the one to try it out!

  5. An out of print novel I read recently was ‘One Night in London’ by Lucilla Andrews. It takes place in a London hospital during the ‘second blitz’ – the V2 rocket attacks of 1944. As the author was a London nurse during this period, it has a very realistic ring to it. Andrews became a popular romantic novelist in later life, and is an excellent storyteller.

    Not a book recommendation, but a TV recommendation – if you have the chance to see ‘Danger – UXB’, do watch it, it is an gripping story. UXB stands for unexploded bomb, and it was a 1970s TV series about the work and lives of a bomb disposal team during the blitz. It hasn’t dated, and again seems more realistic than many modern programmes as the people writing and watching it at that time still had memories of the blitz. It certainly put the coronavirus into perspective!

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