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  1. I’m not that familiar with Macbeth only in that I read it in college. Being an English major you know that was prescribed reading! I did see a great version of it from the troupe Reduced Shakespeare when they performed in Tallahassee about 20 years ago.
    I love reading about your experiences with this!

  2. Oh wow, I would LOVE to see that. My daughter and I just did a re-read of Macbeth a little while ago. It sounds great. (And I did not know the secret code. Wow.)

    This week I’ve read Book I of the Faerie Queene. It’s hard work! And I also have a mystery set in Victorian Oxford, but I’m kind of disappointed.

  3. A good production is always a great experience. I just read Laurie R King’s ‘The Language of Bees’. I will have to read some others to grasp the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Marry Russell.

  4. That sounds like a blast up until the end, when I was moved to hear your thoughts on the killing of a young black man. Very poignant!
    My son played Banquo in the Theatricum Botanicum educational production here in Topanga when he was 10. LOL but it’s actually a lovely summer camp at the outdoor theater created by Will Geer. If you know anyone living in the LA area with kids, I highly recommend the program!

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