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  1. Haven’t seen Paddington but I have watched a ton of Great British Baking. Funny, as much as I love cake, the show doesn’t do that for me. It does cement in a love of the understated way—anxious but never boorish and competitive— these British Bakers approach their challenges. The early episodes especially made me misty-eyed. A show to be embraced, not avoided. Especially for a Brit lover like you.

  2. Watched Paddington 2 on the flight to London this summer! So sweet and charming. When we went through Paddington I couldn’t help but look for him. Our hotel was not far from Paddington.

  3. I adore Paddington – and have the books from when i was a child – in fact it’s the one thing that my daughter wanted when she was small from a trip to London- the bear. He’s just so marvelous. I’ve only seen the first film – I’ll have to look up the second.

  4. I didn’t mean to, but I have become a huge fan of the British Baking Show. Oddly, I’m mostly a bread baker, but I’ve been inspired to try other baked goods.

    Strange side story: A teacher gave me a stuffed Paddington many years ago, when I was first a librarian. I literally have never had a student or parent ask for that book, even though I have displayed the book with the bear for all those years. I left Paddington behind when I retired last May. I wonder if he is now a more effective advertiser for the book.

  5. We loved both the Paddington movies but discovered this was one of those rare cases where the second movie was even better than the first. I thought Hugh Grant was great in it and seemed to really have fun with the role. This week I even mentioned on my blog that I’m reading through the Paddington books. As a child I watched the Paddington cartoon on Nikeleodeon but only at my friend’s house because she had cable and we lived too far in the middle of nowhere to have it. As for the Bake Off – you’d be surprised how little they actually bake cakes 🙂 even my 11-year old son likes to watch that with me.

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