The Ghost Map #BookReview #BriFri — 10 Comments

  1. I haven’t heard of that book and that’s what makes #BriFri such a cool event, we are introduced to new books, music and more. Love my library as it’s how I “travel” these days.

  2. There was a programme I think it was, that focused on ‘ghost maps’ of places through the years. I’m always fascinated with the ‘original’ against the ‘still standing’ – and in tiny ways – the Ripper tours that are such a draw in London are carrying that sort of feel. I’ve now got to go dig for that series and see if I can find it.

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  4. This sounds so good! I love books about science and while I’ve heard the basic story this covers, I’d enjoy learning about it in more detail. It really is interesting that it took so long to figure this out! Thanks for sharing about Nonfiction November 🙂

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