What I’m Not Reviewing #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. I have to check out the A very English Scandal — I mostly forget about prime stream even though we have it – because it’s a ‘hidden setting’ on the switch here. Oh well– I’m trying to love the Tunnel like I did the first 2 seasons – but it is, for me, one of those that needs a couple of watches to finally get all of the bits in place and grasp all the growth (or regression in this one) that the characters have gone through. I’m just sort of half-ignoring,half-following my schedule of reads right now – I’m currently digging through a massive (500+) Elizabethan (first) historic fiction that has so much lovely detail and characters who will, simply by their beliefs and chosen professions, come up against the ‘crown’ in the twisty spymaster’s web… that’s been consuming me the last couple of days – having to go a bit slower than normal as the author added so many tiny details and uses ‘time appropriate’ language that absorbing it all takes more time than I expected. But – that’s the fun in books!

  2. I enjoy The Tunnel and the relationship I agree between Elise and Kal is what keeps me coming back. I did watch The Bridge, Texas/Mexico version and it is compelling as well.

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