Endeavour Season 5 #TVReview #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. I’m loving the Endeavor series – they air it about 4 times a week here on the 2 stations -I’m actually most curious to see the subtle change in Shirley Trewlove’s character – as she and Endeavor seem to be developing an interesting working relationship – while he’s all at 6’s and 7’s with his new constable. It’s a solid series that does give a sense of the elder Morse and how he got there -with so many options that could have made a difference – his love for Joan Thursday for example, and his inability (much like Sidney Chambers of Grantchester) to commit to making a declaration to her.

  2. He seems to be smiling more in this season and having a few romantic encounters! But why not tell Miss Thursday that he pines for her? Oh the tortured sole of Morse!

  3. I caught my first ever episode of Endeavor the other night. I have no idea who is who—is the young one the future Inspector Morse?—but I liked the vibe of the show. I’ll have to begin at the beginning. To be honest, this week my mind has been more on tea with the queen, the inflatable Trump baby, and other British/American reality shows.

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