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  1. Like you, I have thoroughly enjoyed these series. A new series 5 of Endeavour will air on British TV in February, so should be in the US soon afterwards.

  2. It might amaze you to learn that I have never watched Inspector Morse; I think I was too busy running a business when it was popular. I know it’s still available on DVD, if you’re interested – though that’s probably yesterday’s technology for you? But I do like catching the odd episode of ‘Endeavour’ – it’s relatively light-hearted and has a pleasant nostalgic feel, as though something VERY BIG is about to happen and the players don’t know yet. Oxford, I love – a great place just to wander in, dipping in and out of the pubs. Happy New Year!

  3. I had no idea Endeavor was about Inspector Morse back in the day! Loving Inspector Morse, I’ll now have to hunt it down. I didn’t see where you watch it, Netflix always seems like a good place to start.

    As far as the Bodleian goes, you must be looking forward to A Discovery of Witches too. Lots of scenes shot in and around the library from what I gather.

  4. I’m loving the Morse versions – they are on their second (or third) run here in Atlanta – And Inspector Lewis is wrapping up it’s final (for the second or third time, again) here as well – PBS. I’m looking forward to the 2nd season of Victoria as well… I’m not so patiently waiting for yet another Grantchester – and I’m on the waiting list at the library for the Cadfael series – although now that Brit Box seems to be available to stream here – I may go for that!

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