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  1. My sister and I are going to London this summer. She is a big Jane Austin Fan and I am not, but I may pick up this book for her to read on the flight. While we are walking about we may run into something from Jane!

    • I’ve been thinking about how to make this work when my husband couldn’t care less about Jane Austen. Fortunately, although you wouldn’t know it from her books, Austen lived at the height of the Industrial Revolution, which he’s very interested in. So, I think we’ll both appreciate seeing London with the lens of “what was here in the early 19th century?”

  2. The last trip – we did a mix of ‘literary’ sort of wanders and utter touristy bits – with plenty of input from cabbies who had some ‘histories’ and information about places that I’d never thought to see – and that I didn’t know about. There’s a Thames walking tour and a bookshop tour (along with a couple of cafe’s ) that are more my sort of thing – and then, of course, the pass for the Library with a pass into the reading room – I could spend all day there.

  3. Brit(ish) Impressive book in which Afua Hirsch is brutally honest explaining what it feels like to be ‘other’ in her own country! Ms Hirsch was an eloquent commentator on BBC during the Royal Wedding on 19th of May….which we all followed!

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