T is for Thames #AtoZChallenge — 3 Comments

  1. Those are lovely images on the Thames, both quite stunning in their differing ways. I haven’t been to London since 2011 when I took a lovely day walking from Tate Britain to the Southbank Centre and along the Thames toward the Tate Modern. I’ll definitely have to start a bucket list and add a boat trip along the Thames to it – and then I’ll have to work a way of guaranteeing the weather if i hope to get snapshots anywhere near as nice as yours 🙂 I can’t help you with an answer to the book question but it is an interesting question…

  2. never been there but it features so much in history and in shows -is lacey flint the character that lives on the house boat on the river.? I love reading about that world and people that live on the river and how the locks open and lower and raise and off they go … the river is a terrific character in its own right.and the thames has such a story to tell.

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