Boat to Greenwich #BriFri #Photos — 10 Comments

  1. Oh Joy… I found this boat ride while researching online this week and desperately want to take it while we are there. I fear that we will not have much time to spend while in Greenwich, however. Do you think it would be worthwhile to take the boat there and then turn around and take it back?

    • Yes. It’s a good way to get oriented. What’s east (the East End) and west (Westminster), north and south. Which way the Thames flows. Where the main landmarks of London are in relation to one another. Obviously, there are terrific photo opportunities. And, it’s very relaxing, so if you need to schedule some down-time but still have something to do, the boat ride would be perfect.

      • You could also take the boat one way and take public transportation back (Docklands Light Rail, then switch to the Tube). That would be faster and, probably, cheaper.

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