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  1. American? I didn’t realize that! By now, she’s an honorary Brit surely. My British mother—who had Alzheimer’s for over ten years before she died in 2012 —was a huge reader and turned me on to George. Ironically the last book I gave her was Elizabeth George’s Traitor to Memory. I think it’s the last book she was able to get anything out of at all, we gave it to her in 2001. Sorry, I’m being morbid!
    Anyway, like you, I love the series and don’t much care if I see them in order either. I kind of love Lynley and Barbara Havers.

  2. This is a great series. I’ve only read up to this book I think. I have a few others but because I actually have been reading it in order I would like to continue although let’s face it, It’s a losing battle to keep up with all the series I enjoy! I’ve never watched the television version but good to know it was well done!

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