Elegy for Eddie #BookReview #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. You have reviewed Maisie Dobbs before and I like the sound of the series but I haven’t made time for her yet. From my shared post today you will see another challenge I have set forth for books I want to read. Maisie is still listed in my notebook to get to though.
    I like when a book can paint such a vivid mental picture that you feel you are there in the scene.

  2. Great review, Joy! I am a huge Maisie Dobbs fan and am eagerly awaiting the new book. I agree, although they could be read as standalone books I think these are best read in order because Maisie’s character really does grow as the series progresses.

  3. Ii understand the appeal of Maisie; there is def. something calming about the way the books progress but the new
    age Feel puts me off a bit. What I do think is that her character and some of her adventures would make for a great series. Wonder why the Beebs hasn’t done anything with them. The books have a huge following, don’t they?

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