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  1. I would definitely have a hard time understanding how steam engines work by reading a book. I’m terrible at visualizing machines and such from descriptions. However, it certainly was (is) a powerful idea, and it would be great to learn more about the people and events surrounding this invention. THank you for making the point about slavery and colonialism – we do still have an incredible blind spot there in our history.

  2. This book sounds interesting. I enjoy these by-ways of history. I learnt at school that the reason that Britain led the Industrial Revolution was political stability. As an island, it was less likely to be invaded than continental countries, and any factory you built was unlikely to be bombed by enemies, burnt down by mobs or confiscated by the government. It also allowed the development of things like patents and made financing easier. Not sure if this is still the accepted reason, as historical perspectives seem to change regularly!

  3. Hi Joy! Happy new year 2018!

    I suspect I need to work harder than other group hostesses because I run my year from February 1. Folks who are ready with sign-up pages in December seem to abound in walk-ins finding them by chance. So I am letting you know my quartet, three in their fifth year, are alive and well. The baby of the family is “Celtic Coast”, which fits perfectly with what you’re reading here! 🙂 I would love to have you and your followers. All four can be visited at this menu page. Sincerely, Carolyn.

  4. I think this would be a fun book to read. Not that I am very good at mechanical stuff, but I like to hear about how people come up with new ideas and make them work. I’m looking forward to hearing about your next nonfiction reads. And thanks for the opportunity to link up my review.

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