Candlemas #BriFri — 2 Comments

  1. It hasn’t quite started yet, but in a few days it will be my favorite time of year! Around here, February is time for tulip trees, almond orchards, and daffodils to bloom. Tulip trees are a kind of magnolia that bloom before leafing out. It’s a really lovely beginning for spring.

  2. Here in California the transition from winter to spring is, hmmm, kind of invisible. At this point we’re still looking very dreary. But this winter, thank goodness, we have rain! So lots and lots of green now and flowers to come.
    I do remember those crocuses poking up through the snow from my Canadian childhood. I remember thinking they were quite magical.

    I regret I wasn’t able to participate this week, my sister had hip surgery a couple of weeks ago and needed a little extra help.

    See you next week!

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