Concerns about “Concern for Everybody” #CompassionateSunday — 3 Comments

  1. I have to “re-mind” myself to focus on compassion, no matter which way the people around me seem to lean. It’s a form of mindfulness.

    By the way, you forgot to label last week’s post “Compassionate Sunday.” I discovered it when I tried to go back and re-read last week’s start to the discussion of Chapter 9.

  2. Perhaps you’re thinking about it too much, and it’s driving you into a circular rut. I mean, if you just HAVE compassion instead of thinking about whether other people are having compassion or not, or instead of thinking about HOW to have compassion, you’ll probably get right out of the rut. I know, easier said than done when the whole point of your project is to think.

    Again, easier said than done, but having compassion should be like walking. You shouldn’t have to think about how to do it. And if you think about it too much, you mess up. You can’t walk while at the same time thinking “now I flex these muscles just this way and the leg goes up and then I fall forward a little bit while flexing these muscles in the other leg,” etc.

    Of course, I’m not telling you to stop thinking at all because clearly you need to learn about compassion before it is natural like walking. After all, you needed to learn to walk at one point in your life. Just think less about things that drive you into a rut. Hope that it becomes clear later in your project.

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