That’s Not English #BookReview #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. Did someone here recommend, In a Dark Dark Wood? I certainly enjoyed it, in the genre of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Who wants to take the credit? Thanks. It was a good English read!

    • Sounds good — I added In a Dark Dark Wood to my TBR list. I’m not sure I’ve heard about it before, so I think you may have to thank a different source!

  2. I’ve gotta get my hands on that book! Just before tweeting you this morning I did notice that British Airways is offering a 2 night stay with the purchase of a roundtrip airline ticket if that helps! I’ve never seen a panto either, going to have to see if there’s anything on youtube.

    I feel terrible, I didn’t visit a couple of the other British Isleas Friday posters last week so I’ll go visit them now. Not that anyone but you from #BriFri ever stops by my site, mind you! I’m not sure why. Trying not to take it personally, haha!

  3. I also need a copy of that book. So glad you highlighted it for British Isles Friday. I like reading about language differences and how culturally we are separated. That would be amazing if you went to a Panto, you surely need to take photos and give us a taste of it!

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