Four Days in Kew #BriFri — 7 Comments

  1. That sounds like a wonderful trip to see the botanical gardens. That’s a dream of mine, there is so much to see in London and a week there wouldn’t even cover the possibilities!

    I like your idea staying in a place where there is a kitchen. When we visited England & Ireland past trips we rented cottages and spoked out to see particular attractions or sights. A kitchen allows you to control your diet & not eat out as much.

  2. I’m afraid Thanksgiving put a damper on my wanderings but as I was planning on going to Kew Gardens anyway, I may just wait until next week. Or I may still post later today. That’s the thing about imaginary journeys, you take them on your schedule. I was trying to decide where to stay as well, my choice being between The Horse and Coach and the Kew Garden Hotel.
    Today’s #BriFri post is from my book-to-movie website, a look at The Winters Tale currently running in London.

  3. How about Chiswick House and Gardens?
    The house was built in 1729 and is one of the best neo-Palladian houses in the country. The restored gardens are where the English Landscape Movement began and inspired, for example, Central Park in New York. It’s very near Kew, 12 mins by bike from the Coach and Horses!

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