Giverny, France — 19 Comments

    • I probably should have mentioned the crowds. I was kind of careful to take photos where people were less in evidence. But on a lovely spring Sunday? There were a ton of people!

  1. I tried to leave a comment on your post about the new Paris book but I couldn’t find a way to leave remarks. Glad to know that you liked it so much. I can’t wait to read it now.

    • Thanks! I cut off comments on posts over a week old because monitoring the spam folder was becoming a full time job. But maybe I’ll stretch it a bit longer now that I’m home again to keep up on the chore. It would be fun to have comments open on all of my France posts as I’m slowly loading up the pictures.

  2. Beautiful photos! I’ve been to France a couple of times but had never gone to visit this garden. Now it’s a must-see for me… next time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So far, your trip to France looks to have been just wonderful. The photos you have been posting are incredible and as the gardens. Makes me want to go back and see all these for myself again.

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