Jump into June #ReadersWorkouts — 6 Comments

  1. Great goals for June. I am carving some out and hoping to stick to a plan. It helps me to walk in the mornings before it’s too hot & I need to make myself get up earlier!

  2. Congrats on meeting your goals for May! For June I’m hoping to continue on with the good streak I have with tracking and hitting my daily step goal. I think I may be upping my step goal around the middle of the month.

  3. Ooo, I like this idea! Way to go on reaching your goals! Does this happen every Tuesday or is it just any random day of the week? I’d like to join in. =]

  4. It’s getting too hot here, Joy, so I’m trying my best to go out in the mornings and walk a little, before studying, because I’m in the exams period now.
    It’s great that you got your goals, hope you have another great month!

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