Fish and Chips #WeekendCooking — 12 Comments

  1. When I was little I remember my parents taking us to the little restaurant to eat fish and chips. I loved eating them with malt vinegar and when we moved to the states I realized that fish and chips were a bit more difficult to find (at least in Texas!). Some of my favorites have been when we visited British Columbia a few years ago and of course Ireland with the mushy peas. What’s up with those mushy peas? 🙂 Fun post.

  2. Fish and chips is common all over Australia too. Although we don’t tend to have mushy peas- I don’t think I’ve ever had that, I’m not sure I’d like it but would like to try it someday. Good fish and chips is a thing of joy- I like it best when you can get different fish- I have an ongoing love affair with salmon, and it is good battered and fried too.

  3. Good fish and chips is not so easy to find, the right crunch and ratio of batter to fish and the freshness of the fish taste. Glad you experienced some good, traditional and new twists. Mushy peas are tasty, who would have thought?

  4. We have a lot of fish and chips places in Massachusetts, but it can be hard to find a place that consistently gets both parts of the meal crispy and tasty enough! No mushy peas, though. Always coleslaw!

  5. I love fish and chips and was thrilled to get to eat some while I was in England. The only thing that bothered me was that it was half a fish with scales and eye still intact.

    I wonder if where you had yours was any relationship with where I had mine. The Garrick Inn in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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