Readers’ Workouts — October 14 — 4 Comments

  1. Joy you are so motivated and motivating! Jet lag and colonoscopy prep, one is enough to derail an exercise regime but both,indeed. Glad it is behind you now too. (cute colonoscopy pun!)

  2. I have been slacking, but yesterday I took out the new dog stroller (one pug just can’t push it like the other one can) and got a few laps around the block. I can easily walk a pug on the leash and push the other one in the stroller so we should be set for our 2 mile walk at the end of the month.

    I’ll be starting out walking both pugs and when the one gives up she’ll get put in the stroller so we can finish the walk. Ellie made it around the block 1 and 1/4 times before sitting down and refusing to move. So she rode the rest of the lap looking quite content in the stroller.

  3. I skipped sparring group class on Monday because I was exhausted. The previous night had been one of those “wake up to get away from the nightmare then fall straight back into it” nights, and I was all done after my sparring lesson.

    The grey and gloom in St Louis weather has been hard, I’m truly thankful for my light box in the mornings to get me going.

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