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  1. Just linked a post about the Bronte Museum in Yorkshire England. It’s got iconic pictures of North Yorkshire (pedantically – West Yorkshire.)
    Cheers Joy for this fun feature!

  2. I’ve had good intentions to participate in this meme more often ever since you started it Joy, but I need a routine or something to hang it on…I’ve finally decided to use some of my photos from my last visit in 2007 to highlight historic events, books, music or links to Australia.

    I love your diversity book club – it’s good to be prompted to read outside our usual fare.
    I’m about to head out to listen to Salman Rushdie talk at the Opera House tonight – I’m sure diversity will feature in his talk 🙂

    • Your photo posts sound great, Brona. I love looking at trip photos and it’s so interesting to see the themes that they can develop long after the trip is over.

      Salman Rushdie should be very interesting to hear. And, of course, he’s British!

  3. I, unfortunately, did not have a chance to post for BIF this week (nor my other Friday post, Shout-Outs, just didn’t get them finished in time!) but I am SO excited you are doing the readathon, too! It’s going to be so much fun!

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