London Riots 2011 #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. I am following what’s happened in Ferguson, though until now I did not relate it to the riots in London in 2011. What’s interesting is how very distant new of the US seems now that I live in the UK. As a Canadian, American news sometimes dominated our airwaves, and I felt much closer to what was going on over there. I no longer have that feeling. Either way, it’s just sad and tragic.

  2. Hi Joy, I was reading through your post today and found it so interesting. I live in the UK and remember the London Riots pretty clearly. They were pretty scary and caused a lot of disruption and panic, aided of course by the constant attention from the press they received. I was so glad when they ended, I had friends in London that I was pretty worried about!

    Reading this post also affirmed that you have quite an interest in Britain! I thought as you’re coming to Britain in the Autumn, you might enjoy this little tag I just took part in: ‘The British Tag’. It’s only a bit of fun and I thought of you immediately when I wrote it because you blog so much about Britain!!

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