England on Five Dollars a Day #BriFri — 7 Comments

  1. DK Eyewitness are my favourite books by far. I keep mine from trips.
    Unfortunately I’ve lost a couple to friends I lent them to!! I hate that.

    I wish I had kept some of my $5 a day books they would be a hoot to look at nowadays.
    $5 won’t get you a pint in England!!!

  2. I’m pretty boring, I usually stick with AAA. I do remember all of those touring books, $5 a day and even $1 a day. I have trouble even staying home on $5 a day 🙂

  3. Have you listened to Rick Steves’ podcasts? I like them but for some odd reason my daughter (8 years old) is addicted to them.
    Thanks for featuring the postcard. It looks a little worse for wear. And yeah, $5 will buy you lunch if you are extremely lucky and not very hungry.

    • Yes! I’ve found Rick Steves’ podcasts very useful. I’ve even listened to the walking tours while walking around my neighborhood — I just pretend I’m seeing Christopher Wren’s great churches instead of my neighbor’s vernacular architecture houses.

  4. London is fantastic! No wonder you want to spend the bulk of your time there. Love the tubes and buses, as well as walking. To save money, we bought lunches from carts and vendors in the undergrounds. Deeelish! Have fun!

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