Zinnias and Tomatoes #GardenUpdate #SaturdaySnapshots — 15 Comments

  1. Beautiful! I’m sure delicious too. Thanks for the link back to the blueberry flowers. I look forward to some harvesting and maybe cooking posts in the future. 😉

  2. Beautiful. The zinnias remind me of my grandmother. She grew them every summer – from seed she saved from the previous year.

  3. You lucky one with a tomato almost ready! We net our blueberries from the birds also because they are just too good to give over to our feathered friends. I have never tried water cress, next year it will be on my list.

  4. My mom tried to raise blueberries for years at my parents’ place up in East Texas. Never very many on the shrubs. We were up there last week and noticed there are only two of the twenty shrubs still alive. But the two that made it are loaded with blueberries this year. My mom would have been delighted.

  5. Such pretty pictures, and I know the blueberries and tomatoes will be delicious too when they’re ready. We put in some blueberry plants last year but they haven’t done well, and we’ve not had a single blueberry as yet.

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