Vegetable Garden 2014 #WeekendCooking #SaturdaySnapshots — 25 Comments

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  2. What a lovely garden! It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of work into it, but that will surely result in healthy, abundant vegetables. Unfortunately, our yard has too much shade for a garden although I’ll probably grow tomatoes in containers (and probably some herbs too) on our deck. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of your veggies as they grow.

  3. We usually have great luck with herbs, and mixed results with our veggies. Grew corn last year, but only got a couple of ripe ears that we could pick before the squirrels discovered it. (They don’t mind eating it before it’s ripe, we discovered.) We usually get good crops of green beans, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, and at least a few from the other things we try. (It’s my husband who does most of the work for ours, though, so good for you for your efforts!)

  4. I tried a garden a few years ago, in front of my picture window on the south side of the house. Everything did really well. The next year not so well, too hot up against the house. Last year, we were getting new windows, so no plans. The installers would have trampled my tomatoes. Maybe this year in pots on the deck, but I too have squirrels who love everything before I have a chance to harvest. They have to eat too, I guess. *smile*

  5. Thanks for sharing the progress on your garden! Gardening is such hard work, but well worth the rewards. We’ve had good luck growing herbs and jalapeno peppers. If only our tomatoes would be successful, and then I could make salsa! Here’s my SNAPSHOT.

  6. Just wonderful that your garden is blooming while we’re still having snow! All the best for a wonderful Spring and growing season. Your garden has great potentials… love your plan. I’m not a green thumb, just an amateur birder, but I love to see how other people’s gardens grow. 😉

  7. Thanks for sharing your garden plan, it looks fabulous, lots of work but so rewarding. We’re heading for winter so the only thing going strong are my herbs and the spring onions. And our passionfruit and lime are still fruiting. Absolutely love your photos!!

  8. Oh, what promise the Earth holds at this time of year! We’re just thinking about planting seeds in flats in the greenhouse and planning out this year’s vegetable beds! So exciting!

  9. My garden was prepped a few weeks ago but we still have temps too cold to plant (a hard freeze almost nightly). I started everything inside but may need to start over as some of my seedlings have taken a wrong turn.

    Excited to watch your garden this year, always amazing to grow produce!

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