Wrap-up of Dewey’s #Readathon + #SundaySalon — 12 Comments

  1. Yesterday was my first readathon and I loved it! Did more cheering, chatting, and blog reading than actual book reading, but it was so much fun to meet new bloggers and readers. I’ll definitely aim to do it again in October.

  2. I had a lot of fun on twitter, and I got cheers from the team of cheerleaders chosen for my blog, it was great.
    I also met a lot of people and did a lot of minichallenges (I think I accomplish ten of them!).
    Next year I think I’ll apply to be a cheerleader and a reader. I was born to be a cheerleader 😛

  3. Maybe Quicksilver is one of those slow reads, you know the ones where it just takes you a lot longer than average books to read? I hope you enjoy your day.

  4. I didn’t participate officially because it was a Saturday with a three year old… but I got a surprising amount of reading and cheering done – even though she was a whole lot of nuts.

    I thought I might have my own personal readathon midweek – but I don’t think it’s nearly as much fun that way.

  5. Ha! A friend of mine has exactly the same thing with Quicksilver. I must still try the book myself.

    And I participated in the readathon as well! I recovered by relaxing, watching a movie (HP and the half blood prince), reading up on blogs, some studying. And I just started a new book! And now I’ll be off to a shower and I’ll tuck in earlt, since I’ll have a busy week ahead.

  6. Looks like you had a great Readathon! I thought “Soulless” was fun, so I’ll have to read “Changeless”. Thank you so much for cheering for me. I liked your comment about it being motivating to want to see your initials in every line on the spreadsheet – so true!

  7. I didn’t try out the spreadsheet myself, but it seemed really wonderful – and I saw so many people around that enjoyed it. I think it was a very good readathon and I hope you have recovered well 🙂

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