Exercise with Power Equipment — Readers’ Workouts — 7 Comments

  1. Gardening can definitely be a workout.

    I’m slowly getting back into the daily habit of exercise. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Too crazy really.

  2. Oh ya! I dug some holes for some new shrubs this past weekend and I was more sore from that than I was from running my 5k race that day. Gardening is a great workout!

  3. I’m planning on going to the gym tonight and Friday. We’re doing a 5K on Saturday but we’re still recovering from colds at our house.

    I don’t use power tools. It has nothing to do with gender, I’m just a little dangerous. My daughter, who’s 14, uses saws for me if I need to have something done and my husband’s not home. She also figured out how to work the manual can opener, something I still can’t do.

  4. I am branching out a little, for the next three Fridays I will be doing a 1 hour private yoga lesson at the JCC. I wanted lessons to get me over the raw beginner know-nothing feeling, in preparation for slotting in a 6am-7am yoga class once a week before work. I’m nervous but excited.

  5. Power tools scare me — I just used the snowblower for the first time this winter — so bravo for attempting! I’d imagine getting the garden ready for the year is great exercise for the body and the mind.

  6. Last week I had a lot of great workouts: two sessions of yoga, a free cardio sculpt class that was intense, a few days of running, a game of kickball, and cardio kickboxing. I have a 5K this weekend that I’m nervous/excited about!

    • I love the idea of kickball as a workout for adults! I remember that being a pretty fast-paced game that included a lot of running.

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