5 Great Things about Cabbage Salad + a Recipe — 19 Comments

  1. I love the crunch of cabbage salad. Recently had a citrus coleslaw from a local food truck that had sunflower seeds in it. Loved that crunchy addition. Thanks for the tip about using salt to tenderize it. Great bit of foodie knowledge to file away in the back of my mind. 🙂

  2. I only like raw cabbage when it’s shredded or sliced REALLY thin, but I wonder if that’s just because of the toughness of it. I’ll have to try the tip of soaking it first.
    I also prefer oil and vinegar dressings to mayonnaise in salads, so I’ll definitely try this one and the Fresh Citrus and Ginger Slaw you mentioned!

  3. I love cabbage salads! I hate fennel though so can’t try yours. 🙂 my fave is an oriental one with sesame oil and ramen noodles – I make it without the noodles now but I love the dressing.

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  8. What a great tip about softening the cabbage Joy, I will certainly have to try that. I do like a cabbage salad, but don’t make it often enough.

    This is a cabbage salad recipe that’s very popular here in Australia. It looks good made with green cabbage but sensational with purple cabbage. The crunch of the fried noodles is fabulous- I hope they’re easily available for you. And you don’t need anything like the amount of sugar they say- don’t let that put you off.

    • That does look yummy! We can get those noodles here, but I don’t think I’ve seen them in a salad like that. Thanks!

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