Readers’ Workouts — March 4 — 5 Comments

  1. I need to start eating clean too!

    I don’t like it getting dark so early, so I’ll like that it will get dark later. We’ll be able to be outside walking or riding bikes longer.

  2. I had never thought about setting self-care around time changes. Interesting idea that seems like a great idea. Hmmm. Will have to try this. Thanks, Joy!

  3. Seriously, I didn’t realize this weekend is the one we “spring forward” so thank you!

    Rob has been working this week and I’ve been home alone with Holly who is still being housebroken, still suffering from separation anxiety, and still needs constant attention. She’s exhausting me. But I am able to get in my daily workout in spite of this so that’s good.

  4. Great tips.I never thought about the time change until when my beloved dog was old it really threw her sleep and eating cycles off. Now that I am old I pay attention if I am feeling a bit off and remember the time change!

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