Readers’ Workouts — February 25 — 6 Comments

  1. This hasn’t been a good week for me. I gained weight but I managed to keep exercising in spite of my knee starting to hurt and my vertigo being exacerbated. One day I even woke up with cramps, pain in my knee, a headache, and nauseous from dizziness and I still exercised. But it wasn’t easy.

  2. I have decided I won’t be able to do much exercising until the weather warms up in my little corner of the world. Walking is my favorite form of exercise, so when the weather warms I will try to work some walking into my program each day. Until then I will be working on a healthier eating lifestyle.

  3. I’ve been doing light exercises, more with hip and glute strengthening: Clamshells, one legged deadlifts, hip hikes. I’ve also increased stair climbing since I have a race at the end of March. I look forward to getting back into running/cardio soon!

  4. 49 miles on my fitbit last week.. I have found that I walk 2-4 miles a day just getting through the day (crazy to see how much walking I do). This is could explain why I’m tired all the time, HA!

    Congrats for another great month. I can’t believe March is almost here, it’s frigid and I’m eager to put my winter gear in storage.

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