Wondrous Words Wednesday — February 19 — 13 Comments

  1. A great selection of new words. I too, thought reticule was a lady’s bag or small purse. Can you imagine Sir Isaac Newton trying to change the shape of his eyeball with a darning needle! Yikes!!!

  2. Very informative Joy, on multiple levels. I did not realize Issac Newton performed such an experiment. (Better he than me!) What a devoted scientist! I guess we are all lucky that he was. Thanks Joy!

  3. I haven’t read Stephenson in ages. This makes me want to pick up Quicksilver, as if I wasn’t already trying to read too many things at once.

    Newton was a very, very strange man – which is clearly a good thing and rather a bad thing as well (like his disagreements with Leibniz).

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  5. I knew lanugo (the term for the fine hair covering babies born a bit early) and reticular as a net pattern. The others are all new for me too- certainly an interesting bunch of words.

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