Book Review: Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose — 11 Comments

  1. I haven’t read this yet. I have it in the shelves. I’m mostly a fiction reader and have, as you seem to share, difficulty reading books with ‘ a message’ that aren’t well written…even when the message is compelling!

  2. It’s probably a good time for me to reader this book right now, since two of my “on-the-go” reads currently are The Goldfinch and The Signature of All Things. I’ve been jotting down phrases from The Goldfinch especially.

  3. Definitely adding this to my wish list. Thank you for your review!

    I’ve been reading for such a long time, but don’t see myself as a very thoughtful or attentive reader. I don’t have it in me to be a writer, but hey, a better closer understanding of texts is useful and pleasurable even for the casual blogger like me. Plus I just love books about books. 🙂

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  5. This sounds interesting – I like the idea of books that can help me become a better reader but am always afraid they will either be dry or incredibly obvious. I had to read How to Read a Book last semester and it was very dense and dry for the most part.

    • I remember How to Read a Book as annoyingly arrogant. I’ve been thinking about trying it again now that I’m a bit older and arrogance bothers me a bit less.

  6. Reading Like a Writer is such a good book. You can’t help but want to do some close reading. Did you ever get the urge to read any of the books Prose mentioned?

  7. Hi Joy.
    I always love your succinct book reviews. I’m one of those with prose and love the flowery words and long paragraphs.

    So happy this was your first read of 2014, appropriate way to start off.

    This book is one I enjoy much better than some of the other writing books that sit on my shelf. I loved the variety of examples, especially since I am not married to just one thing (poetry, prose, essays, reviews).

    Highly recommend the book and your synopsis.

    Antona, aka Tayé Foster Bradshaw

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