It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? — January 13 — 6 Comments

  1. I actually put a sidebar in both my regular journal and my book review journal so that people could see what I’m reading. I’m reading The Happiness Project because I thought it might be a good book for my daughter but I’m realizing she would hate it. My daughter-in-law, however, would probably love it. I’m on target with my goal to finish one book a week. I just need to have some quiet and calm, hard to come by with a dog that hasn’t learned the routine yet, so I can focus on my book for this month. So many books and so little undistracted time!

  2. I think I happened to read (listen) to two books last week – this means I had many projects to work on that let me listen. HA

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip to England. How long will you be gone? Have you been there before? If you are interested in historical books, try this one: The Time Traveler’s guide to Elizabethan England. I believe the author has others as well. It’s a wonderful book, filled with content at a glance. I also LOVE this book, The bumper book of London (becky jones and Clare Lewis). Filled with fun facts, great read while in a taxi or over a coffee.

    Have you been to Bangkok? I need to start planning for this trip!

    • This is our first trip to England. Thanks for the book recommendations! They look great.

      I haven’t been to Bangkok, but I planned a trip to Thailand once that I never managed to take. The Lonely Planet Guide was my best resource then.

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