Readers’ Workouts — January 14 — 4 Comments

  1. As usual, you’re doing so well with your fitness goals. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to walk at least a mile every day. It helps that I finally made a workout playlist to motivate me. 🙂

  2. Last night was my first 2 hour session at the karate studio for a couple of weeks, & I feel a bit stiff & sore for it. But I also got a walk at lunch time in the sun, which was glorious!

  3. Good work, everyone! I had a great first week back to the gym last week, with two regular workouts and my first Barreworks class. I was really happy with the difficulty level of the barre class and will definitely incorporate one a week into my routine from now on. This solves my problem of weekend workouts, too–I use the gym at work during the week, and my tiny apartment isn’t really conducive to aerobics or a cardio machine so I don’t do much beyond walking on the weekends.

    So, onward: heavy exercise class Tuesday lunch (already feeling the burn!), regular gym Wednesday and Friday, barre class Saturday.

    Best of luck to you all this week!

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