How to Buy a Camera to Take Photos with Blurry Backgrounds — 19 Comments

  1. Great post, Joy. You lost me a bit with the technical explanation, but that’s the fault of my ignorance re “real” cameras! My cameras are a Sony Cybershot (don’t recall which model, but it’s a few years old now) and a Fuji Finepix, a small camera I like to use when I’m traveling. The Sony has manual features I haven’t explored fully. I should do that. I want to read more about the Fuji X100S and the Canon 5D, too. I seldom do food photography, but I love taking artistic shots, so this is all good for me to know. Thanks much!

  2. Now that’s impressive Joy!

    I’ve been playing around with this type of photography on my iphone 5 too – I can get some great effects viewed on the phone or computer, but the print quality of iphone pics is still dodgy.

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  4. Oh, I think it’s great that you did all of the ‘research’ on this. My only (!!!) camera right now is my iPhone camera, and while I’ve once or twice created a blurry background, it was more lucky accident than skill. It’s very interesting to see what these other cameras do, and why things turn out differently. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for such an informative post. I’ve been enjoying learning a bit more since I bought my big camera a couple of years ago, and I really still have an awful lot to learn about it – slowly reading my way through Plate to Pixel.

  6. Great post, Joy!

    I love taking photos with a narrow depth of focus! The narrower, the better. 😉 I do mostly flowers and nature, instead of food, though.

    Becca 😉

  7. My husband loves Canon Powershots we have had several over the years.
    I use a Canon DSLR and must admit to cheating and using the macro feature to get blurry backgrounds.

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