Career Steps and Mis-steps — October Memoir Challenge — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! It must have been so exciting to be in technology at that time. (I hear that people were mercilessly competitive too, which would have been awful.) I worked at BPA as a student aide at the time. We had just gotten our first computer–a HUGE, room-sized contraption. I had a very very early word processor that really only typed that I tracked all the BPA government mileage and gas usage on. How times have changed!

    Funny how your two career choices were at opposite ends of the human engagement spectrum.

  2. I have a tough time picturing you in the computer field–though you are pretty savvy blog-wise and with all this internet business. Shows a natural affinity for it all I think–plus it is information which I think is up your alley. I understand the desire to want to directly help people as well. I think it’s good to let ourselves try these career paths out and then decide it’s not for us vs. not trying and having it be a big question mark in our lives.

  3. I love this subject because I have thought about this before. I may have pursued being a hairdresser, a radio disc jokey, studies world religions, or gone to Hollywood and worked in the industry doing just about anything.

  4. Interesting. I figured I’d become a financially-successful writer very soon after university (still waiting). My day job is teaching, but if I’d known I’d spend over a decade in a day job, I’d have picked advertizing instead of teaching, I think.

  5. I only wanted to be a writer all the time I was growing up. In university, I debated between psychology and English, finally settling on English – mostly, I think, because I was shy then, too. Psychology required exactly what you realized PT did – the ability to make quick intimate connections with people. But I was very academic, so I decided to become a university prof. Then got very sick while going for my M.A. Although I finished my M.A. I realized I couldn’t take on a PhD, with my health issues.

  6. Nice to have options available. My dream job growing up was to be a vet. My mom always instilled in me the idea that it was too tough to get into vet school. Instead I finish college, and work in a grocery store. I don’t live in regrets though. Had I stayed in college I wouldn’t have met my husband and thus had my son, how can I regret the path I chose?

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