Secrets Revealed — October Memoir Challenge — 10 Comments

  1. Love the BFF guide – I use this one all the time for writing essays; pretend I am telling a story to a best friend. Really works when I’m having a tough time finding my voice for an essay I’m writing.

  2. Wow. This is excellent. What a great idea. I use a nagging system. It’s much more basic – I decide what I want to get done, by when, break it down into daily tasks, and send an email to two people each night, saying whether or not I accomplished today’s tasks and what tomorrow’s are. It’s a kind of written commitment. they do the same. If one of us notices the other isn’t getting a task done, we’ll ask about it or nag them, or whatever. Mostly, just cheer each other on.

  3. Sounds like both a management and motivation tool to get focused and stay engaged. I like that it uses language but is visually more appealing than blank white space on a page with straight type. What’s so great is that it’s the tools you found most helpful from many different sources. Makes it a customized winner!

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  5. Joy, this is brilliant! I love it. Weird? Only if you consider the magic wand it’s capable of waving over your creativity threshold.

    This is something that could really make a difference for every writer. Okay, maybe many writers, since every assumes too much. 🙂

    You could easily share this Guidebook brilliance with the world and put everyone on their toes.

    I love it. I must confess here that I’ll probably steal this idea and begin waving that magic wand over my own work. Thank so much for sharing your weirdness. Btw, do you think it’s contagious. This kind of contagion I could use more of. 😀

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