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  1. So that’s why I’ve been craving Oreos! I can’t even keep them in my house anymore because I just can’t resist them. My problem isn’t so much addiction as it is habitual. Just this past week I’ve started to track my calories in to help curb my snacking and it amazes me how much I’ve been grazing thoughout the day. Although homemade cookies do sound good! 😉

  2. I’m surprised that people are surprised by the Oreo story. Sugar is extremely addictive. I rarely eat store bought cookies. If I’m going to splurge on calories, it has to be on something homemade.

  3. Joy, I don’t think doctors have a clue about how to help obese people – if they did they wouldn’t be so condescending and full of little lectures. They need to be educated about just how hard it is for people to deal with. Cheers

  4. We don’t have television feed so I never saw this story (thanks for sharing) but I know that you are correct about that Oreo. When you don’t have store bought sweets or soda or any of that lot then when you do taste it, it’s just not as good anymore.
    Interesting post!

  5. I don’t crave Oreos either at this point, but I think it’s because I’ve made it habitual – a sort of mantra that goes ‘turn down processed sugars, you could make something better than that…’ Your point about addiction and impulse control makes a lot of sense. It’s why I can’t get near chips anymore (because I don’t stop eating them once I start!).

  6. I know what you mean about identifying your “pushers”! I am frugal by nature, so passing up buying junk food while I’m out isn’t too hard for me, but it’s the “free food” at work and the stuff that’s already in the house that I find so hard to resist. It always seems to be someone’s birthday! I gave up candy in September, so that’s helped me with all the pre-Halloween candy on offer everywhere I go this month, and I stopped keeping it in the house. For trick or treat time, I’ll buy something kid-friendly that neither my husband or I like!

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