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  1. This piece brings up so many great memories for me. It is funny to think back and remember what a big deal it was to wonder about costumes—and what to pick-and I loved the parades as we in school! Thank you for this posting.

  2. Although I didn’t write about costumes, I did include a reference to Halloween and trick-or-treating with some friends. That post will show up later today, probably while Rob and I are out shopping for Halloween costumes. We used to dress up all of the time but Rob usually works and we haven’t had reason to buy any. Because I haven’t lost the weight I’ve gained, we have to go out and buy something that fits me and Rob is along for the ride, as it were.

  3. As a kid, all I wanted were store bought costumes. One year I got a hard plastic princess mask. I loved it. “Group costume” is a bit mystifying, but I admire the participatory zeal you guys had! Love your photos.

  4. I love the photos that accompany your memory, and I confess, I envy your willingness to toss on a shirt and hat and call it good. I’m from a family of costume overachievers. I enjoyed it a lot as a kid and even as a young adult. These days, I feel like, “Why bother?” although we get invited to costume Halloween and New Years parties. Nowadays, if it requires a costume, I don’t go.

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