Birthdays — October Memoir Challenge — 6 Comments

  1. You were the most adorable child. I love the picture with your new wallets. It’s interesting how we can experience the longing for what we missed (birthday cakes) and the appreciation for what we had (special days at the stadium), isn’t it? As a mom, I’m imagining yours probably thought a cake would be long forgotten; family time at the ballgame would be long remembered. I guess I’d be half right.

  2. I went WOW when I saw your certificate from the stadium. It made me think of how rare something like this used to be and how common, and even expected, it is now that parents made a big to-do over their child’s birthday. You were indeed special to your folks! We never had regular cake at my house. My grandmother made torte- flourless cake: 7cups freshly ground walnuts (we had a screw-to-the-table nut grinder), 7 cups sugar and 7 eggs, and vanilla I believe. Jam in-between the layers. She made some kind of icing though–icing sugar and butter I think? Oh with some lemon juice! My first “real” birthday cake was made for me by my best friend Cathy when I turned 16. She asked me what I wanted and i said I wanted it to be purple. And it was. My first ice cream birthday cake happened when I turned 40! Did you ever have one of those?

  3. Every year I bake a cake of the birthday person’s choice for their birthday. We have me and Rob and then my son and his family (wife and daughter) plus my daughter and then there’s “uncle” Matt, a family friend. Truth is, my granddaughter still won’t eat a whole piece of cake herself but one cake is about right for all of us. My son and I were just talking about his cake this past weekend and we narrowed it down to a pistachio cake with a cherry infused whipped cream frosting. Layered between the cake will a pistachio pudding, one layer will also have some chopped cherries in it. On the outside we’ll add some chopped pistachios and on top we’ll plop a few extra cherries.

    And because my husband is diabetic, all of this will be no sugar added. Of course cherries have sugar in them but everything will be as sugar free as can be and always delicious.

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  5. I hadn’t thought about how birthdays are different now than when I was younger. I live away from my family and most of my friends, so birthdays are certainly quieter now. However, at my work, we get a cake on our birthday and make one for the next person. Celebrating with your loved ones is wonderful, but it’s also special to celebrate with those people you’re less close to — to remind you that you have more than just a small circle of people who care for you.

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