Book Review: Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas — 12 Comments

  1. LOL My daughter fell in love with nutella crepes from a street vendor under the Effiel Tower when she was 12 (and still loves them 13 years later). We can get those nice Ladurée macarons here in NYC for big bucks, so they are usually a rare treat, but of so worth it.
    All this means for you, Joy, is a chance to go back to France on a Sweets Tour. I am definitely going to have to check out Paris My Sweet, it sounds wonderful, but so does your whole trip to France.

  2. Lucky you, going to Paris! I’ve read so much about the Laduree and Hermes macarons and nutella crepes from street vendors. I enjoyed Paris, My Sweet too :).

  3. This sounds like a great book to read in the lead up to a trip to Paris – I’ll have to put it on my ‘someday!’ shelf. Thanks for sharing – and those macaroons look amazing!

  4. I’ve never been to Paris, but may be visiting NYC again soon. Unfortunately, I’m trying to lose weight, so the French bakeries may be off-limits for me for a while!

    • I lost weight when I went to New York. I stayed away from sweets, and all other snacks (I find travel distracting enough that I can usually skip all snacks), and I walked a lot!

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