The Power of Habit — Group Read — Part 2 Discussion — 10 Comments

  1. The knee surgery example was me! After my surgery the physical therapists explained it would hurt but get better. I cried in pain, really cried the first 2 sessions but it did work. For 2 months I would also cry at the end of the day because I ached. I also went to an occupational therapist who talked about not doing every day things that strained my knee. Between the OT and PT I have been pain free for 9 years after getting over the first few months of pain induced tears. I had to change my habits of sitting, biking and getting up from a chair.

  2. I forgot about the writing down a plan part when I blogged about this. I thought that sounded like a really useful strategy. It reminded me of the way my father approached things. He always said that you needed to plan what you would do in the worst possible situation that could arise out of any project and then whatever happened it would be better than that and you would be able to handle it. i tend to be a worrier and it definitely helps me to have a plan, even for scenarios that everyone but me thinks are crazy and not going to happen. (Sometimes they do!)
    Also, as far as the strategies vs willpower: isn’t building the strategies the way you are strengthening your willpower muscle? That’s what I took away from the story about the swimmer.

    • I like your father’s approach. That could help me!

      Your probably right that what I think of as strategies and structures are the same thing he’s talking about. Thanks for reminding me about the Michael Phelps story — it does illustrate that well.

    • I have to say the section about Michael Phelps kind of made me sad in that it seemed that, once he and his coach had made these routines, such as “Play the video, Michael”, it became a kind of automatic, almost robotic routine. The part about the goggles filling with water I did not know; that is truly incredible. I wonder how rare this actually is, though, and whether many coaches have their swimmers train “blind” from time to time.

  3. I don’t write about much personal stuff on my blog, so I’m sorry I haven’t been answering the discussion questions in my posts. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s anecdotes. Sorry to have missed Wed. night’s Twitter chat, too, but my husband and I have gotten in the habit of watching an hour of TV at night before bed, and we have several shows we’re watching, so even though I’m trying to break this habit for myself and only watch TV Thursday through Sunday, keeping Monday-Wednesday nights open for reading, I caved in on Wednesday night for the first episode of Season 2 of Downton Abbey so we can be ready for Season 3!

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