Readers’ Workouts — January 8 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Joy! I don’t know if you use itunes at all, but I noticed the other day that they have a new feature with sets of workout videos–I picked up three 20-minute cardio routines for $1.99. I haven’t tried them out yet, but I figured at that price it would be worth experiementing. It might be a nice way of mixing up your routine while keeping the videos on hand to do again and learn better. I have a cable that I use to plug my ipod into my tv, so they play directly on the screen.

  2. I’ll have to check into iTunes; thanks for the tip, Beth.

    Since I’m packing to move day after tomorrow, I’ve felt too guilty to exercise. Unfortunately, not too guilty to play computer games, watch TV or visit with friends over a meal. I’m still getting in about three miles a day, but I was doing six on my really good days last month.

    Because of the arthritis, I have trouble walking on even slightly broken ground. That means I’m using Walk It Out on my Wii, which I love. Don’t know if my apartment set-up in the new place will be conducive to Wii, but they have a good fitness center with plenty of treadmills, and it’s a short walk over there to use them. I’ll be getting back to it with a will on Monday; I plan to basically move now through Sunday.

    • I really like Walk It Out, too. When I get bored with the music, I’ll walk while watching video on my laptop — it’s a little more challenging to catch the beat but that’s okay.

      Good luck with your move!

  3. Good for you for trying something new, Joy. Even if it wasn’t the right fit, it’s good to try new things!

    I managed the two works I’d planned last week, and I went to my first jazz dance class last night. 90 minutes, active pretty well the whole time, and a lot of focus on core and legs, which is exactly what I need. It was also terribly fun, which is also exactly what I need–90 minutes of exercise without really noticing that I’m exercising!

    So, my plan should remain pretty constant for the next sixteen weeks:
    Monday – 90 minute dance class
    Wednesday – 60 minutes at the gym, focus on cardio and abs
    Friday – 60 minutes at the the gym, focus on cardio and arms
    Saturday – 20 minute pilates DVD

  4. Sorry the Gaiman TV isn’t more suitable for you, but kudos to you for trying something new.

    I clocked in with 329 minutes=approx. 5.5 hrs last week. I’m happy with that.

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